• hansen and Elena are now friends 3 months ago

    • Hello dear ,
      how are you with your family? Hope all are well,my name is Krisie, i am a girl of ( 25 yrs ) a student, i am so much happy to meet you here , i will like to know all about you, your likes and your dislikes also about your family , here is my email contact, i espect to receive a letter about you and your pictures , greet everybody for me.
      Your new friend Krissie .

      my email ….. ( krisiemaris@gmail.com )

    • Helo how are you is a great pleasure to meet you,am favor and love to be your friend and it will really intreste me to know more about you share pictures and contacts so we really get to know each other better,i want to send you my pictures please contact me on my Email (faveourabdel2017@hotmail.c_o_m ) OR send me your email so i will send you my pictures thanks for your time, from (faveourabdel2017@hotmail.c_o_m )