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72 / Woman / Widowed / berlin

I´m a funny, smart, romantic city woman. I am nicely, merrily, directly, one can have fun with me and over all talk. I am faithful and honesty. I like to eat healty but also like to eat pizza sometimes. A healthy and clean lifestyle is important for me.

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Pamela Jones

27 / Woman / Single / Dallas TX

My name is Pamela Jones  I'm a single lady of 27 years old , 5`7"140 with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, God Fearing, and a positive person,

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29 / Man / Single / Lagos

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David carter

57 / Man / Widowed / dallas

I love to live life to the fullest. I love to help people that is why i chose to be a doctor. I like to play guitar and i like meeting people and i like to travel too.

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Anderson Jessica

26 / Single / Dallas Texas

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24 / Man / Single / TORONTO

am upcoming a man of God..i have the calling of God upon me and have started working towards it for the past 2 years..i go for evangelism often and am the evangelism coordinator in the youth ministry of my church...  

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30 / Woman / Single / Chicago


I am very humble, good looking and I am into Fashion and Design, I like dancing and listen to music.. I am very honest and open minded girl, I am kind, funny and loving lady.. I am very friendly and caring and I like outdoors and indoors activities

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sandra lawson

35 / Woman / Single / ontario

i am  honest and caring

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meldy brill

62 / Woman / Single / tallinn

am fair in nature  kind and honest

Profile picture of Camilla Craig
Camilla Craig

32 / Woman / Single / Worcester,MA

everybody is ordinary except for Camila  !!!! I always stand in the back of the line with a smile beneath my nose, my favorite number is 20, and every single day, if you asked me what I had for breakfast this is what I'd...

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anica martin

28 / Woman / Single / Blacktown

I am independent and energetic person. I appreciate friendship and optimistic, resilient people. But most of all I love and value my little, but strong family. I am a merry, hardworking, kind and sociable young woman. I have many friends. I like to cook and to travel very much. I...

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jacklyn willinson

30 / Woman / Single / dakota

good and caring loving and caring as well


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